September 27, 2006

lay off scholesey!

There seems to be loads of FUNNY SHIT in the footballing news these days. A couple of days ago, it was reported that Frank Lampard, John Terry and Jose Mourinho decided to emulate ol' Golden Balls and get into the film industry (by film industry I actually mean Tom Cruise). However, instead of getting Tom Cruise's contacts in Hollywood, the said trio are supposedly due to appear in BOLLYWOOD.

But since they play for a boring club with no real rivals (really, who gives a shit about Chelsea's rivalry with Fulham?) that story did not get a mention in HantuBola, since we are only out to take the piss out people...

With that, enter today's news:

Peter Tatchell, of gay human rights group OutRage!, said: "We urge Paul to apologise and to express his opposition to homophobia.

"No player, referee or fan should have to endure abuse about their race or sexuality.

"There should be big fines and match suspensions for players, managers and supporters who wilfully use anti-gay insults.

I tell you....these goddamn Liverpool fans are getting toooo sensitive for my liking..

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