September 23, 2006

I told you so...

I TOLD you people oledi. DON'T PANIC.

All the games we've played have been AWAY games. HOME games we still 100% mar. And the season still young, so don't worry yet...

Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham

3-0 against a Spurs supposedly trying to challenge for honours this season. Not too bad eh? What are the chances of Jol being the next manager to go?

Anyway, Kuyt is starting to come good. Bellamy still hitting posts though. But those two together still look a lot better than having Crouch on (besides that bit where they went for the same ball lar). Agger is our defender of the season so far. Oh, and welcome back, Riise. We've missed you (and your long range goals).

I think I know why we lost when I was in Bangkok last week. I was wearing my Liverpool jersey. Liverpool almost NEVER win when I wear my Liverpool jersey, so I think it negated my 'Liverpool always win when I'm overseas' superstition. So next time when Liverpool play, I resolve to try NOT to wear my jersey.

Heh, whatever works, eh?


Update: 11:40pm

Wow, Arsenal actualy won at home. FINALLY. with Henry scoring from a HEADER. And all started by Gallas scoring the kind of goals he used to score for Chelsea.

Speaking of Chelski, Lampard actually scored without a deflection. Pigs are flying. Oink!

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