September 15, 2006

Reminder: Hantu Bola Gathering

Chelski vs LiverPoo

Date: Sunday, 17th September 2006
Time: 7:30pm onwards
Venue: SOULed Out, Sri Hartamas

The usual guys will be there, Mr Jameson and Ms. K included. Me, I'm hoping that my superstition that Liverpool only win big matches when I'm out of the country will hold once again this Sunday.....


Another reminder:

For anyone who's not interested in Saturday's lineup of EPL matches, youse might want to check out the Malaysia Cup final at Bukit Jalil. It's Negri Sembilan vs Perlis this year.

Negri Sembilan play a bit like the West Ham of last season, relying on team spirit and cohesiveness to win matches. Perlis, like Liverpool, rely on some cipet feller to win cup finals for them. Really, his name is actually Chipet(a).

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