September 12, 2006

another gathering

Chelski vs LiverPoo

Date: Sunday, 17th September 2006
Time: 7:30pm onwards
Venue: SOULed Out, Sri Hartamas

Mr. Jameson, possibly the only one with a perfect attendance record at HB gatherings, will be present. You can count on him to never FFK anyone.

We might stay on for the ManYoo vs NonIssue match, depending on Mr. Jameson.

If anyone's looking for the HB table, it's the one set for ten near the big screen. With the usual accompaniments.

To quote Christina Aguilera:

Come on over, come on over, bay-beh!


And now, an add-on tumpang announcement by Eyeris:

Hali Khamis.
Hantubola main futsal
Pukul 8-9pm
Footy Futsal dekat itu Taman Megah.
Jameson tarak, but got KY to kick.

Sapa boleh datang cepat cepat komen!

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