October 22, 2006

Sir Alex's prayer

It is now almost an hour before the much awaited Manchester United vs. Livvypoo game.

So much history. So much tradition. So much ruckus.

Sir Alex knows how important it is to start off some peace-loving campaign so that no one gets injured. Come on now, we all love a little peace now don't we?

So in the spirit of the ongoing DeepaRaya, let us join Sir Alex in his prayer;

"Dear ol' Football Gods in the land of the EPL,
let us Red Devils play our best,
let us play in peace,
every goal we score is sweet,
every tackle we make is deemed fair,
Old Trafford is the best,
everyone knows that,
so as for the visiting Scousers,
please make them leave our toilets smelling like fresh air"


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