October 30, 2006

Excessive Dumbness

You know what? Football is getting a bit too peculiar nowadays.

There seems to be a growing trend of doing excessive celebrations on the pitch when you just happened to score a goal. Take for instance the Chelski-Pompey game. Expensive boy Shevy just happened to score a goal, then maybe he went apeshit because he forgot what it feels like to score a goal y'know, coz its been like.....ages.

So what does he do? He goes bananas and wants to show to people that he REALLY did score a goal, so he goes berserk. What's a poor referee to do? He has to award something for a genuinely touching moment right? Unfortunately, Clattenburg didn't happen to have a trophy on him, so he decided to show a yellow card as a replacement for Best Dramatic Acting. Hey, it's the thought that counts.

You would have thought that any sane player would have learnt that doing excessive goal celebrations = not good. Note the usage of the word 'sane'.

But whadya know? Bollocks, who with his looks can always join the next 'Dumb and Dumber' movie, can't seem to digest such difficult grasp of common sense. Not even two minutes after the first goal was scored, this guy pergi buat benda yang sama lepas score itu gol. Funny, I tell you. He had to share the honours with Shevy. What a cute couple. Pfffbbbtt!

I thought these public acts of dumbness were confined to just the EPL. But wouldn't you believe it, in the Serie A, Marco 'Headbuttee' Materazzi just happened to do the same damn thing when Inter Milan beat AC Milan in it's inter-stadium derby. What makes this funnier than Shevy and Bollocks is that Headbuttee already had gotten a hard-earned yellow card earlier, and the second achievement inevitably lead him off the field early enough to enjoy a private shower.

Soon, this will become a global phenomenon. Remember, you read it first here on Hantubola.

Score Goal. Go Apeshit. Get Yellow. New trend for the new man-boy. Suckers.

I can imagine one fine day that spitting on the field is an instant 50 pound fine, payable instantly via Visa Wave carried by every single player in their underpants.

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