October 05, 2006

It's Puasa Time Again

It's almost halfway through the puasa month here in Malaysia, although me i tak puasa (puasa malam only), i suppose Naz and Din are the two Hantus that are fasting (s-kay sudah mula practice ke?)

Anyway, footy goes on in the UK and European countries, thank god. anyways, for those not familiar with what you can and cannot do during Ramadhan fasting, you're suppose to refrain from food and drink from sun up to sun down. Here's a rough guide of the DON'Ts:

No display of public affection. The straight kind or otherwise.

Must properly dressed, tutup aurat (cover navel to knees for men).

No, I'm serious! You can't!

No gawking at improperly dressed women (or men).

No eating and drinking in public, arak is out of the question naturally... (no wasting food and drink either.)

Don't raise your voice or temper unnecessarily...

Fighting also cannot la.

Generally, it's time to be sopan santun, don't a f*#$* all round cash-faced jerk... (like i said, I'm NOT fasting).

To our Muslim friends, selamat berpuasa.

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