October 12, 2006

Early Morning Chuckles

Early in the morning, open Guardian, see this headline:

Croatia 2 - 0 England

*Chuckle chuckle chuckle*

Open Soccernet, saw this:

Comedy in Croatia

Oh ho ho ho.

then I open Football365, saw THIS picture:

(pix of Paul "Take it from the Bitch, Give it to the Croats" RobinHood from Football365)

And this paragraph:

Robinson was caught out by a routine backpass from Gary Neville, which hit a bobble and ended up in the back of the net after the Tottenham goalkeeper swung and missed his attempted clearance.

And finally this headline:

McClaren: 'We Will Qualify'


I pity anyone who woke up at 3am to kononnya 'saport' Engrand. Now excuse me, I want to go and buy 4D, Magnum and Da Ma Cai for the number 0352.

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