October 28, 2006

Seen at Anfield canteen

This week’s rotation

Peter Crouch – Can do the robot dance to break opposition’s concentration

Robbie Fowler, Craig Bellamy, Jermaine Pennant
– Can bash the opposition anytime they come near the goal

Mark Gonzales - Because he's cute and he looks like a young Morientes and he'd better play a few times before we transfer him to the girl's squad

Steven Gerrard
– Distract opposition with his ‘something about mary’ haircut
John Arnie Riise – Distract opposition by stripping to his grey underwear
Xabi Alonso – Distract opposition by kissing them on the mouth
Mohammed Sissoko – Should play better now that puasa is over

Jersey Dudek
Pepet Reina

Dudek can do the up and down dance to distract opposition’s goal keeper while Pepet throws the ball in

There: 4-4-2. We are going to win the title!

Rafa Benitez, Rick Parry, anonymous mole from the BOD , Harry Kewell (since he does sod all anyway), Grandpa Hyppia

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