April 01, 2007

Letting in a Crouch Hat-trick? Now that's REALLY gotta hurt...

They'd scored 12 goals against us in four matches this season.
They beat us at their home ground in the league.
They knocked us out of the FA Cup at Anfield.
They humiliated us in the Carlinglingus Cup in front of the Kop.

However, since then...

They've have also been knocked out of the FA Cup,
They've lost the Carlinglingus Cup final,
They got kicked out of the Champion's League,
And they lost to Everton in their last match.
And now THIS:

Liverpool 4-1 Arsenal

And to add insult to injury,
They even let Crouch, of all people, score a hat-trick against them.
Now that's REALLY gotta hurt.


PS: Cibai Blackburn. Couldn't hold on to a lead.

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