April 27, 2007

Celebrating the small stuff

Manchester Utd 2 - 2 (agg) Liverpool (3 - 4 on penalties)

FA Youth Cup: Liverpool completed back-to-back Youth Cup triumphs after their dramatic shoot-out win.

It may not be the league title, but what the heck. At least we won SOMETHING for now. And I wouldn't even be posting about this if it weren't for the fact that at least ONE Liverpool team managed to beat the Men.United (or rather, in this case, Boys.United).

Besides, if there's something we long-suffering Liverpool fans are good at (the ones that were not yet supporting them in the 80's), it's being able to hype up even the smallest, or in this case, youngest of achievements.


So, well done, kids.

Now, on to the big stuff please.

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