April 28, 2007

From Big Bro with love

3.00pm: SMS from Gary to Phil

Bro, thanks for the heads up. Or rather, the kick up. LOLOLOLOL.

3.01pm SMS from Phil to Gar

*sniffles* Thanks to me, I'm getting some stick here. I need to bail. QUICK.

3.02pm SMS from Gary to Phil

Ok,ok, I'll wait for you at that dark exit at the corner. I brought the Range Rover. We can go down to Bury and I'll treat you to that special brew from the corner mamaque.

3.05pm SMS from Phil to Gary

Thanks bro, u da best.

Morals of the story:
1. Once a Blue, Forever a Devil.
2. Brothers can be separated. Brothers can be enemies. But brothers will always do us a favour when we need it the most. The Neville Brothers are a shining example. ;-)

And Everton did us a favour by going two up and giving the Super Red Devils all they motivation they need to come back and win it 4-2. By playing attractive football again, no less. ;-)

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