March 28, 2007

England? Who CARES????

Yeah. England is playing tonight. Hands up all of you who really care.

You see, here at Hantu Bola, we may support English clubs, but heck, when it comes to Internationals, we don't give a damn about England.

But if you insist, here's what I think about the current England team: THEY SUCK.

Please lar, what do you expect to get when you hire a coach who was know for getting lots of draws when he was at Boro?

And admit it, Frank Lampard just does not fit into any other team other than Chelsea. His most useful quality? Just BEING there. Because that gives the opposing midfielders another obstacle to maneuvere past. He can't tackle for shite, he can't attack in a proper attacking midfielder's kind of way. He just... SITS THERE and passes the ball around, doing fuck all, occasionally shooting from distance and hoping to get a deflection.

I'm hoping they get stuffed by Andorra, long shot thought that might be. At least the press backlash will be alot more entertaining than the games themselves...

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