April 24, 2007

Do the math!

PFA EPL team of 2007.

Let’s see what we have here.

Rio Ferdinand – Holds his pee for too long, suck his own dick (score own goal), hence, recurring groin problem

Ryan Giggs – Sneak in a goal when no one’s looking

Paul Scholes – Punches like a girl

Gary Neville – Polishes Fergit’s car and shoes in his spare time

Christina – Cry, dive, cry, dive, cry, dive, cry, dive, cry, dive ad nauseum

The other three: No bloody personality. Cannot sell t-shirts.

Let’s see who else we have here.

Oh yes.

Steven Gerrard: Sensational Skipper, phenomenal long range goals, able to lead his team from 3 down to winning and keeping The Cup of all Cups. On the verge of winning it again. Soon. Very soon.


It takes 8 Manures to equal 1 Gerrard.


Go AC Milan!

We'll patiently wait our turn.

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