April 28, 2007

inevitable post of the week

And fittingly, the Inevitable Post of the Week should have the Inevitable Headline of the Week...


However, the title of 'Ex-player of the Week' is slightly more open a contest. Phil Neville scored a cracker of a goal for Manyoo, but Rooney scoring after being boo-ed for the whole game was pretty funny. But Rooney wins the title because he kisses the Manyoo badge on his shirt in front of the other Blue Blood Scousers.

And if you guys consider the pendulum like nature of both games, you would imagine there were loads of gloating sms-es traded between the fans. A particular sms chat of note would be...

(Everton 1-0 Manyoo, Chelsea 2-1 Bolton)
TigerJoe : keeping my fingers & toes crossed. mayb everton wil gt a 2nd, eh?
Vincent : nvm. we ll still beat you at the bridge.
TigerJoe : i hv a btl of jameson ready 4 dat match. LOL
Vincent : or funnier, chelsea lead by 3 pts goin into the last game. They lose and manyoo win the league on goal difference.
TigerJoe : shudn't underestimat west ham, ms karma might hear u. LOL.

(Everton 2-0 Manyoo, Chelsea 2-2 Bolton)
Vincent : Jom pakat both of us lose the game la. Hahaha!
TigerJoe : dowan. bouhlarouz shud sub w geremi so dat essien cn go 2 RB.

(Full time)
Vincent : Whoops sorry we broke our pakat promise. Come on arsenal!

(Some considerable time later....)
TigerJoe : goddammit!!

Even as worthy as that was for SMS of the week, it can't get better than Eyeris' complaints of:

GREAT. We'll never hear the end of it from u mancs now.

And since I am running out of things to gloat about, I shall close it up with the HantuBola a$hole of the week...

Oh? That would be ME wouldn't it?

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