April 02, 2007

What's this then?

I googled John Arnie Riise for fun today and guess what?

2nd link:
HANTU BOLA: Petaling Street Hooligans.
Abou Diaby Frank Lampard Emmanuel Eboue Substitutes: Wayne Rooney Kieran Dyer Lee Bowyer Martin Keown John Arnie Riise. posted by lilyliverbird at 11:01 PM ...

5th link:
Lily the Liverbird: Her Bitch Pitch: August 2006.
John Arnie Riise. Another trooper. Takes forever to wipe the ball with his jersey. Used to take off his jersey when he scores. Stripped off his shorts too ...

I hope he googles himself and finds me :D Ought to be good for a free jersey or two..heh.

Hang on...bugger's bankrupt innit? Bummer.

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