April 25, 2007

high on crack

All together now, boys.....

Manyoo 3 - 2 Milan

It's 5 fucking am. I had 2 hours sleep before the game. It's gonna be a long day at the office in the morning. And I can't bloody sleep because of the adrenaline pumping through my veins.


Who gave us a chance? Even I didn't give us a chance. THAT kind of back four? Against Kaka? There was only going to be one winner. Until of course Milan showed that they need Maldini and Gattuso just as much as we need Vidic and Neville.

You can bitch about us Manyoo fans keeping quiet before the game, but you are a fucking dumb sports fan if you don't believe in superstition and LUCK. Because we rode our luck A LOT with Kaka missing TWO awesome chances.

I was watching back our Treble (real, not mickey mouse) DVD the other day, and I was waiting for an opportunity to post this fantastic piece of quote from Sir Fergie (of course back then he was just Fergie). He was being interviewed after THAT FA Cup semi final replay against Arsenal where Giggsy scored that awesome goal. Remember that at that stage the Treble dream was very much ON, like it is now...

Q: This isn't what you needed really - you needed a result - you didn't need extra time, 10 men, a real battle like this..

A: Look, who's to know what's gonna happen in football? It could all blow up in our face at the end of the day but can you forget moments like this? The supporters will be talking about that for years, the players will be talking about that for years - that's what football's about. Trying to reach peaks and climax to a season which we are doing at the moment.


No matter what happens in the next few weeks, can you forget moments like this??

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