April 08, 2007

Bloody Hell.

And so something didn't go too well for the Red Devils. Not only did they lose to Pompey yesterday, they needed Rio Ferdinand to score for them. While wearing the captain's armband. In the closing minutes of the game. Pompey. It was just Pompey!

Passing was hopeless. Midfield was woeful. I expected more from the squad, to be honest. But I expected even more from Sir Alex, who once again, going against conventional wisdom, let bloody bloody bloody Kieran Richardson start. The good-for-nothing piece of trash.

What the fog man? What the fog?

And oh, I was so happy when a few weeks back I learnt Fletcher got injured and the world was told he might be out for the whole season. And there he was in the midfield this week. Absolute Bollocks.

Does the word "possession" mean anything to you?

Hampeh betul. Two away defeats in a week. And by the same scoreline too.

Nevertheless, I will remain stubbornly optimistic; we are going to go all out for the title! I would be even more optimistic if I don't see Richardson and Fletcher from this point on.....

p.s. It seems news of West Ham beating the Arse at the Emirates was bigger than Manyoo's defeat to Portsmouth. Great, how are you Gooners gonna beat Chelsea for us now? We didn't let you guys do the double over us for nothing you know.

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