February 26, 2006

wudn't ye loov it

If Wigan won the Carling Cup this season?

In some ways it would be a nice little reward to Paul Jewell and his mob, for the sheer effort that they've put into their first season in the premiership. In other ways it gives hope to all (and ammo to the anti-Chelsea brigade) that clubs can still win trophies without having three truckloads of cash.

I'd certainly loov it if Wigan won. ManYoo would still make it into Europe next season anyways, and it's not as if Fergie or ManYoo fans care too much about the Carling Cup. Unless, of course, I'm wrong about that last bit.

UPDATE: Wigan got screwed in the behind during the final. Rooney went for a double-banger. I'm sure there are a few Wigan bums that are hurting today, despite my best efforts to jinx the Mancs by inviting one of their fans to "watch" the final at my place.


Chelsea are having a blip at the moment, and our treble target is wobbling a little bit. Last night's win against Portsmouth was nice, if not brilliant, but at least we're still on track for the treble. We'll just have to score at least two goals and win at Nou Camp.

Let us pray, Chelsea fans.


Liverpool beating ManYoo in the FA Cup last weekend, after never managing it for 85 years, proves that history has no meaning. Scousers would do well to learn the same lesson.

There it is then, the dare is done.


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