February 06, 2006

It's so quiet this morning

Why lah so quiet around here this morning? What happened; was there some catastrophic disaster overnight? What, what, stock market koyak izit?

Oh. Liddat. No wonder lah. Pity the scousers. Dreams of league success in flames. Down the toilet. Flushed like last night's cheese naan.


Come lah, donch cry my scouse darlings. Come, come, let's sing a song, shall we?

No? Dowan to sing? Come then, let's look at some nice photographs instead.

See how stunned Reina looks as Crespo lets loose a shot? If you look closely, you can actually make out that Reina is wetting his shorts at that precise moment. How gay is that? Reina even tried to bitch-slap Robben later on, but his effort was so weak the referee had no choice but to send him off for behaving like some pondan throwing a tantrum.

Like I've mentioned before, the league title race could be over the day after Valentine's. That's next week, you know.

I really shouldn't gloat today. I can just feel karma itching to bite me in the backside with this crap.


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