February 13, 2006

eh eh

Some say Sunday is a day of rest. Others say Sunday is for recovering from Saturday night hangovers. Then there are those who come around here on a Sunday morning looking for new posts on Chelsea. Relax-lah eager beaver; come have a beer on me. Enjoy it while I recover from Saturday and Sunday nights.


Kena pwned by the Boro 3-0. It's a fucking disaster. That makes the number of losses this season double that of last season. Oh no, oh no, oh no, how are we supposed to win the league at this rate? Our lead at the top is now only 12 points. It should be 50 by this time of the season. We've already conceded 16 goals this season. 16 goals conceded! What a fucking disaster.

Yeah, right.


On the bright side, Arsenal and ManYoo have also been pwned at the Riverside Stadium this season. The bad news is, Sunderland actually won against Boro on the very same ground. *slaps forehead*

Eyeris probably asked the most interesting question on Saturday night: using up your quota of losses izit?

Our next game is against Colchester in the FA Cup. Steve McMahon reckons "poor Colchester". He makes a valid point. Since we lost on Saturday because of attitude, then attitude is what needs to be shown in the next match. Before we face up against Barca.


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