February 22, 2006

where art thou?


So let's get this right. Liverpool beat Manyoo, just a few weeks after losing to them, by the same score I might add. Liverpool fans taunt Manyoo fans. All is cool.

Ok, then we go further back in time. Manyoo lose to Benfica. British press says that Benfica are shite, hence losing to Benfica means you are shittier. And because of that, Liverpool fans taunt Manyoo fans. And then fast forward a couple of months....Liverpool lose to the same 'shitty' Benfica. The same Benfica whom they claimed were the best luck of the draw. Ditto the stupid British press.

And then, suddenly the gung-ho Scousers have nothing much to say. But it's alright. I understand, if I was a Liverpool fan, I would be busy doing this:

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