February 16, 2006

MyTeam is gonna win! Wait, Shebby is the coach? Oh. Forget it then....

The Serbegeth Singh Issue: KJ: I am sorry

(link courtesy of Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin)

EXECUTIVE producer Khairy Jamaluddin has apologised for MyTeam coach Serbegeth Singh's "unfortunate remarks that Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) had put its foot in its mouth by agreeing to the national team playing against MyTeam in May.

Wait a minute.... A MyTeam of amateurs to take on FAM's National team? WOW! What a great idea! Finally all those Ronaldo and Beckham wannabes in the numerous futsal pitches all over KL have a chance to go to the SEA Games and lose to Laos!

Anyone wanna bet a fiver that the FAM team loses?

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