February 06, 2006

Bah. I don't wanna talk about it.

Oops, there go our (VERY faint) hopes of catching Chelsea. Credit where it's due, the way we conceded the goals AND failed to even come CLOSE to scoring ourselves, Liverpool probably deserved to lose that game.

Also, Crespo and Makelele were superb last night. Our attacks were broken up by Makalele so often that I was wishing someone would break his leg halfway through.

HOWEVER, Robber Robben has now made it on my list of most hated footballers. Fucking idiot kept provoking Liverpool players, and come on, Reina's 'slap' would have hardly have floored ANYONE the way fucking Robben fell down. You fucking PUSSY WANKING BALDING OVERACTOR!

And Peter Crouch? You are FUCKING USELESS. Either start learning to score with your NECK, or give up your place to someone (like Morientes) who CAN head the bloody ball properly... TOWARDS GOAL!

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