February 23, 2006

Where's that patch of sand?

(I just realised my PPS ping was for MY blog, and not THIS one... oops... )

So, since I'm back, I might as well do a recap of what's been going on.

FA Cup:
Liverpool thru, at the expense of er... some club. Chelsea to play Newcastle Comedy Club in next round. Woot.

Champion's League:
Liverpool AND Chelsea BOTH LOST. Chelsea lost to Barca AT HOME (wonder if the potato patch was Rijkaard's friend as well), and Liverpool lost to Benfica AWAY, 1-0 (good thing we didn't need the points to go thru eh?).

ARSENAL won at REal Madrid 1-0, and should fancy their chances, while the other English team left in the competition... oh wait. there IS no other English team left in the competition.

Oops. Malunya gua. Where's that patch of sand? I need to bury my head in it.


In other news, oh, woe is me. I just realised the extent of my Liverpool Jinx.

Liverpool only ever win big games when I'm OUT OF THE COUNTRY, or am completely oblivious that the game is going on.

For Example:
  • Last season's Champion's League Semi Finals: When Liverpool beat (or as Tiger would have you say 'beat') Chelsea 1-0, I was in SINGAPORE.
  • LAst season's Champion's League FINAL (lets not say who won, suspense sikit lar, and kesian all those who wanted to dent the trophy themselves), I was in KOREA.
  • Last mid-week's Arsenal game: I completely forgot they were playing on Wednesday MORNING, and when I woke up in the morning, I saw that Liverpool had WON.
  • Last weekend's FA Cup game against... some team: Liverpool won 1-0 (heh), and I was in BALI.
  • The Benfica match a few nights ago that we lost? It was my FIRST DAY BACK from Bali. GAH!
So, I'm wondering whether I should just take an off day next Tuesday/Wednesday, and then come to Singapore for the SOLE PURPOSE of watching the game. After all, you never know, right? eheh. Maybe they have a bigger patch of sand for me to hide there...

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