February 10, 2006

selling out

I read with interest the apparent speculation that the lovely Americans might put the Old Trafford stadium name up for sale. And surprise surprise, those pissy Brits aren't really happy about it...

As for me, I can't really give a hoot. It's just a name that's just a name. Arsenal have their Emirates stadium, Bolton have their Reebok stadium. It's a chance for extra dough and and any good businessmen should take advantage of that. I mean...it's not as if the rest of the clubs have a Russian sugardaddy to steal from poor Russian kids. For Manyoo, those American blokes need to get money from somewhere since they are heavily in debt, so I say, let's call it Nike Stadium or some shit like that.

As for pride and tradition......utter rubbish. Do you remember that once upon a time the player's jerseys didn't have sponsors' names? So much for 'pride of the people' eh? Up until a few season's ago (3, I think), Real Madrid didn't have any sponsors for their jersey. Didn't want to tarnish the holy shirt it seemed. A mud pie back at their faces. And the last big European club not to have a 'stained' shirt? Dear ol' Barcelona. Too bad they sold out already. You'll get to see a sponsor next season.....

I am telling you, and mark my words.........sooner or later, every stadium in Europe will bear the name of a corporate sponsor.

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