February 27, 2006


From the (sort of) joy from last night, I was in a happy mood and wasn't about to diss Liverpool. Unfortunately, dear Eyeris had to provoke me.

So folks, allow me to present to you the players who played in the Carling Cup this season AND got dumped out at the first hurdle against Crystal Palace.

Technically folks, a Mickey Mouse Cup is a cup which nobody else wants and hence should be very easy to win (like the version Scum won alongside their plastic treble. However, looking at the players who played in the defeat above, me thinks Rafa really wanted to win, no??

So lemme get this straight. You wanted to win a Mickey Mouse Cup - the easiest of ALL cups, BUT you failed at the first hurdle??

As my good friend Lucy would say..

In fact, dear Lucy even went as far as to come up with an anology of all this. Its like a fat geek loser who got dumped by his girlfriend and being the loser and failure that he is, he decided to take the easy way out by committing suicide. He tried to hang himself but the rope snapped, which effectively makes him an even bigger loser since he can't succeed at the simplest task...

And so we have it folks...Liverpool are like losers who want to win the Mickey Mouse Cup but can't.

Well done lads.

I shall now leave you with a message from a smart little 9 year old who hates Liverpool too...

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