January 23, 2007

Thank you, fank you, spank you Gooners

(Copied and pasted from eyeris' and Naz's and S-Kay's and Simon's post)

"Dei Macha, you better go and settle that fecking Men.United or I'll send Robbie to steal your hubcab"

"Releks brader, donch worry. I kao tim for you."
"Btw, nice boner you got there, Guv"

Rafa: "He thinks Liverpool roots for Men.United? Bloody barmy old git. Chait. Got Alzheimers ke?

Whinger: 'I didn't see that. The bloody cheek. I'll have a word with my boys and see what we can do."

"Fock this. Fock you lot. Fock ABU supporters. Fock Hantubola. Fock the Gooners. Fock Adebayor. Fock Van Pussie. Fock Henry. Fock Whinger. Fock Steve Bennet.
Fock fock fock fockity fock. And fock Liverpool too. Why they dowan to fwen me? Niamah. "



breathe gasp breathe gasp breath.


Eh who said sucker punch.... Your goals good mah. Not like that lame head from Rottweiler.

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