January 19, 2007

ABU Football Club

ABU is a club of football supporters.

ABU probably has the LARGEST group of supporters around the world, contrary to what a certain club may say.

ABU supporters wear different colours, but are united in one sense, and will not sway unless they are bandwagonists, in which case they do not deserve to be members of ABU.

ABU supporters hate evil, and anything associated with the devil.

ABU supporters also hate anything to do with these names: Fergit, Doi Doi, Neverwill and other assorted men.united.

ABU supporters would rather see a Ruble-funded rich man's club managed by an arrogant bastard win the league title than a certain club who'se manager seems to be under the illusion that just because they don't have as much money as that blue club, other fans will automatically support them.

Dream on, Fergit. Most of us still support ABU.

Yes, even Chelski.

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