January 27, 2007

no shame in defeat

Chins up, lads...you did good..

You know, it's actually okay to lose.

As long as you go down fighting, as long as you chase everybody ball till your lungs scream for air...I don't care if we lose. We did alright, we fought for every ball...and that is what's important.

Maybe we weren't good enough. Maybe we were just unlucky. Maybe we just need to wait a little longer. Maybe we just need to support our team more. Maybe...just MAYBE this time, we can hope for the future..

Commentary team for tonight's game has got to be the WORSE commentary I have EVER heard - and this includes the great Hasbullah Awang and Shebby Singh for a hockey game. That Sasikumar bloke is the shittiest and most biased pundit I have ever heard since I was in England (Ian Wright wins hands down). Note to ESPN - tell that fucker that he shouldn't keep going WE this WE that. Hello, you think only Singaporeans watch the game ar?

All that said, I would like to know if any Singaporean is pleased winning (or even winning the whole tournament) when FOUR of their first team players are foreigners "Singaporeans".

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