January 26, 2007

Any Last Minute Advice to Encik Norizan...?

Alright, here in Hantubola we pride ourselves as true blue football fans. We watch our adopted English team play week in week out, we play futsal like 4 times a year, we spend hours of our time playing Championship Manager or FIFA 2006 or PES, we read every single page of FourFourTwo (including the pr0n ads), we watch Football Crazy to gawk at Jamie keep up with the latest news, etc.

So, at least we can say we know our football. And we have lots we want to tell our national team.

If you're been hiding under the rock for the past month, tomorrow night's the final leg of the first semi-finals for the AFF Cup, between Bolehland and Kiasuland, Malaysia (w00t! w00t!) and Singapore (boo! hiss!).

So this is what i propose. Here's your chance to tell our head coach what you think. Whether or not En. Norizan Bakar (or anyone outside the usual gang of Hantus, for that matter) reads it or not is irrelevant. If it's on your chest, say it.

Let me start off a few, after watching the first leg.

DEAR ENCIK NORIZAN, you're doing a good job, however...

1. Tell Hairuddin Omar to stop diving and try to score a bleeding goal if he gets a chance.

2. That 100% Singaporean citizen (from Tampenis) Precious bin Abdullah is super aggro if he gets frustrated. Tell your winger to work him, then...

3. Dude, one day you got to tell Hairi Jaafar that with that 'tache and hairdo, he looks like a Hongkie hamsup lo.

4. (as mentioned by Vincent) dun sub your best players la...

5. Don't stall if you get an early lead. It ain't gonna hold if you do that.

6. ...

Now you guys try.

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