January 23, 2007

Scousers Mudah Lupa

It would seem that a great majority of the scumbags claiming to support Al-Liverpool have memory disorder; as they can't remember anything that happened more than 3 days ago.
But never fear! Din, like many Manchester United fans, remembers a few important facts of life.

League Results
September 17th 2006
Chelsea 1, Liverpool Telur Ayam

October 22nd 2006
Manchester United 2, Liverpool Telur Ayam (and got roasted)

November 12th 2006
Arsenal 3, Liverpool Telur Ayam

FA Cup
January 6th 2007
Liverpool 1, Arsenal Kiddies Team 3

Carling Cup
January 9th 2007
Liverpool 3, Arsenal Reserves Team 6

For comparison purposes...

League Results
January 21st 2007
Arsenal 2, Manchester United 1

Yeah, given the way we played at Arsenal, it was a shock to concede 2 late goals. But an even more perplexing mystery is to see the same scouse goons cheer on the clueless gunners who beaten us through a sucker punch of a goal. The same scouse goons who got knocked out of two cup competitions within 3 days early this month by the gooners playing with kids who were wearing diapers. The same scouse goons who were layered with painful shoves up the arse (pun intended) at their own Anfield. The same scouse goons who are just third in the league.

But the mystery was solved because of the age-old fact about the scousers.

Scousers mudah lupa.

Well, Manc fans tak lupa. We still thank you Scum for keeping Chelski at bay by actually beating them, for once. Arigato Gozaimas. :D
Six points clear of Chelski and double figure points ahead of everyone else is a really nice feeling.
p.s. Oh by the way, as Naz nicely put it, it was an Arsenal defeat in September which jumpstarted our fantastic form soon after, and it will take another Arsenal defeat in January to restart our fantastic form all the way to the Premier League Trophy. Arigato Gozaimas :D to Arsenal too.

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