January 08, 2007

The Obligatory "Spark-some-form-of-discussion" Post

Its a bit quiet in here isn't it?

Since that's the case, I thought of just sharing this with you guys...

My division had a meeting last week, which was chaired by the Head of Division himself. The subject matter was our targets for 2007 and how we are slightly behind at the moment.

Thing is, Mr. HOD is a BIG BIG Liverpool fan, and his office is adorned with various Liverpool memoribilla, and his mood has a direct corellation with the Poo's performance. (His mood has been up this past few months. Thanks Stevie G!)

Anyway, back to the meeting. As an "ice breaker", Mr. HOD drew the EPL table top 3 (conveniently ommitting the Gunners) and spoke at length about how they are in 3rd place and with some cathing up to do, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, he was using Liverpool as an analogy of the division's current state (ugh!).

"Its only 6 points" he says.
"Take it one game at a time" he says.
"It only takes 3 games to overtake Chelsea" he says.
"We need to work one day at a time and focus on the immediate goal" he says.
"Starting with the FA Cup this Saturday" he says.


If we keep performing like Liverpool, I think there's a very slim chance of a good bonus this year... :P

(Sorry la guys.... I can't possibly do the Tigerjoe victory dance in front of my boss, so this is my only outlet.)

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