September 25, 2007

there's something about avram

Never mind that the only opposition manager I actually liked has gone..

Never that Peter Kenyon now has a big pie in his face, to add to the pie that IS his face...

Never mind that the Mighty Champions Manchester "Best Team in the Land" United won again...

There was something that kept bugging me about that Avram Grant bloke since I first saw his face on TV the other day. Never mind that nobody knew who the fuck he was. Never mind that everybody knew that he would be rubbish and is never going to be the one to replace the Special One. Never mind that he called himself "normal" and so the British press (and when I mean the British press, I mean the tabloids) are now calling him The Normal One.

There was just something about Avram........

And I couldn't quite place it until just now when I was going through my DVD collection and chanced upon The Godfather box set that it hit me:

That's right! But unlike Luca Brasi in the movie, this one looks dumb and thick. I would have paid good money to have watched Jose's post match interview after all the "dodgy" refereeing decisions. But Avram was just........boring.

Still, if the movie is any indication of how things are going to end up, we would have some fun soon.

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes..

*footnote: If you have never ever watched The Godfather, please poke yourself in the eye. Kthxbai.

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