September 27, 2007

the 4.51am live update

I somehow find it very much impossible to drag my arse down to the staff canteen to watch the MU vs Coventry game (are they even showing the match on TV?) so I thought I would just check the progress of the match online, before I go for my hibernation sleep until 3pm.

As I am typing this, it is the 86th minute.

I checked the score. 0-2.

I checked the team. 2nd string.

I totally dig Fergie's new strategy. As in, getting rid of the early distractions to our treble target this season. So we can concentrate on the more important stuff y' know.

I just wished the game was at a place other that OT. But hey, that's just a minor detail.

p.s. I wonder if that Mifsud guy can get a hat-trick....

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