September 12, 2007

And Play of the Day Goes To...

... this guy, a 40-year old man who 'allegedly' attacked Sir Fergie at a train station.

Apparently, this station is in North London... (hey it could be a Spurs fan)...

Which begs the following questions: -

1) Why is a 'Sir' not chaffeur-driven?

2) Why did they arrest the man? They should give him a medal!

3) Why just kick him on the shins? If you're gonna get arrested anyway, might as well belasah kao kao!


Update: As Jeevs and Soccernet belatedly points out, he was punched in the nuts. The best line in the article is this: -

" Sir Alex was said to be left stunned by the attack and suffered soreness and
tenderness as a result of the punch."

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