September 02, 2007

No Gerrard? No Carragher? No Problem.

Liverpool 6 - 0 Derby County

Funnily enough, Soccernet captioned the picture above as ' Dirk Kuyt celebrates his goal against Derby' at first. Maybe it's because we scored so many that they couldn't keep track of who scored...

Sure, it's only Derby. Sure, it's at home. But hey, it's six goals, one clean sheet, and one hell of a huge goal difference right now.

Plus Torres has scored three already, and we already have a one goal lead towards winning a certain bet with a certain Chelsea fan concerning two bottles of Mr. Jameson's finest.

It's been a good weekend so far. Now All we need is Keane to take some points off his old boss...


Footnote from TJ:

Today I had the pleasure of texting
Vincent again with "How come there are no goals?". Of course, as things turned out, Louis Saha marked his comeback with a goal. I missed it as I was having a shit at the time. LOL

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