May 18, 2008

Arsenal Retirement Home beats the Official EPL Retirement Home for FA Cup

LUNDUN: The final major trophy in English football was won by a club in blue not owned by a Russian and full of almost-retired former Arsenal and Liverpool players and managed by a fugly manager with a hot daughter-in-law; after they beat the offical Premiership Retiree Home club in the final.

In a game that only the most avid Robbie Fowler fan (who would have had to settle for mere glimpses of him on the bench) would have been interested in, Pottymouth won thanks to a Nwankuku Kanu goal (who looked like he was confused as to which direction he should run to to celebrate after scoring it), despite Calamity James having his usual moment of calamity which was only saved by a bloody handball.

It was Pottymouth's first trophy for 69 years. Rumours that James went out looking for hookers after the final to celebrate with some 69 action were unfounded at the time of writing.

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