May 27, 2008

GoldenBalls makes Yanks cream in their pants

U.S.A. : LA Galaxy soccerball quaterback wingman David Beckham last night scored a 70-yard goal against Kansas City Soccerball Club to seal a 3-1 goal points scored result in extra injury minute to send the residents of LA (Tom Cruise included) into estacy.

Mr. Beckham kicked in the ball right in the middle of the empty net from his own half and caused the match commentator to ejaculate in his pants because the ball was kicked directly IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOAL.

It is expected that this wonderfully amazing score goal will spur soccermums throughout the country to push their children to take up this great sport, afterwhich they will realise that it is actually very easy to score an open goal when the keeper is sleeping in the opposition half and the American defenders are too afraid to slide in for a challenge (scared they get sued) and you can afford to let the ball bounce outside the penalty box and roll in.

But still, this is the first time in Soccerball history that such a goal has been kicked in and even the referree went over to Mr Beckham to pat him on the back. This field goal is thought to be the best thing to happen to the Major League Soccer competition since Alexi Lalas' decided to grow his goatee.

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