May 22, 2008


In no particular order:

1) Adrenaline is keeping me awake. I am going to work in 1 hours' time with only 2 hours of sleep under my belt. I contemplated calling in sick, but I am too much of a responsible worker to do that. :P

2) Ronaldo PWNed Essien's ass in the first half.

3) And then went to sleep for the rest of the game.

4) Both players whom the neutrals hate missed their penalty. Actually, make that all three. Le Sulk now has a good reason to sulk.

5) Awwwwwwww, look at hardman JT cry!

6) Drogba slaps like a schoolgirl!

7) Chelsea are scary next season now that they have perfected the art of DEFLECTION. Now they can even score from a double pinball.

8) In 1999, Bayern Munich hit the bar AND the post too.

9) United had the better chances but didn't take them.

10) It is beyond my understanding how a legend with 700 and whatever appearances still has not learnt how to use his right foot and makes impossible shots with his left.

11) Nemanja Vidic. Man of the match. The one and only hardman (who doesn't cry like a baby).

12) Quote of the day from Andy Gray: It's approaching added time. I call it Hero Time!

13) Based on TigerJoe's last few smses, he doesn't sound too happy.

Bye bye, more taunting later they publish pictures.

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