May 05, 2008

From Cashley to Flamoney

It appears that Mat-TIEW Flamoney decided to ditch us for Milan Retirement Home. Well good luck to him... And judging by the number of players who went through career suicide post-Gunners, he's gonna need all the luck in the world.

But honestly, Flamoney is not indespensible. He had one excellant year with us, the year before that he was a decent emergency left back, and was mediocre in seasons before.

But what pisses me off is that year after year, summer after summer, there's always something on about Arsenal and our best players leaving. And if they're not leaving, we get parasite agents engineering moves for their overpaid clients. How many times have we heard Fabregas to Barca/Real over the years? Its just like Patrick Vieira all over again!!

Its just bloody irritating. If the cost of moving to a new stadium means a lack of trophies and funding for world-class players, then we should have stayed at Highbury. I may have failed 1st year Econs, but I do know a thing or two about Opportunity Cost (Kids, go google it).

I'm going against what I said before, but heck, Russian money sounds good at the moment...

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