May 25, 2008

keshian dia

I want to pity Avram Grant, but there is nothing to pity really. Never mind the Carling Cup final. Never mind having to finish second to ManYoo. Again.

JT should never have taken penalty #5. Never. If it was because Drogba got sent off, there were other players to take that penalty. Kalou was there. Essien was there. Anelka had fresh legs.

keshian dia, bashah kena hujan... poondeque!

Today's "post-mortem finger-pointing article" reckons Anelka was sulking and refused to take penalty #5. Well hey, this is why we have team managers.

The man who takes charge when push comes to shove. The man who will grab a player by the scruff of his neck, hold him up and remind the player who is in charge. The man who will tell any sulking player that for a wage of XX thousand pounds per week, he will do as he's told.

If that means feller has to play on the wing, then feller will do as he's told.
If that means feller has to distribute drinks during half-time, then feller will do as he's told.
If that means feller has to get on his hands and knees on the pitch, eat some grass and moo like a cow; then feller will bloody well do as he's bloody told.

Whatever. We needed something special on Wednesday night; what we got instead was an imitation Pak Lah. Poondeque.

I'm not surprised Grant got sacked actually. After all, Mr A had also sacked the last manager who finished a season with zero trophies. And everyone liked Ranieri, even opposition fans.


Ah well, roll on next season! Our new manager will apparently speak English with a Dutch accent, if you believe all the rumours. I just hope the feller doesn't go and buy Kuyt.


Coming up later this week: Yend of Season Hantubola Avards!

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