February 18, 2008

FA Cup SCAM, take two

FA Cup quarter-final draw

Sheff United/Middlesbrough v Cardiff City
Manchester United v Portsmouth
Bristol Rovers v West Brom
Barnsley v Chelsea

LONDON: The great FA Cup scam continued to rear its ugly backside today as Manchester United were drawn against a Premier League side for the 11th consecutive time in the FA Cup quaterfinals. However, Chelsea were drawn against a lower league side for the THIRD time this season. The other two games hold no relevance to anybody and we therefore felt that we should not waste our time writing on it.

When HBBN last broke our story on the FA Cup scam, there were accusation from many that we were "afraid". This time around, we feel that Chelsea should be more afraid as they would be facing a huge purple dinosaur club. And as we correctly predicted in our exclusive article about the FA Cup scam, we think that any team playing Barney & Friends FC should be very, very afraid. HBBN highly anticipates the game.

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