January 28, 2008


5th Round FA Cup draw

Bristol Rovers vs Southampton
Cardiff City vs Wolverhampton Wonderers
Sheffield United vs Middlesborough
Liverpool vs Barnsley
Manchester United vs Arsenal
Preston North End vs Portsmouth
Coventry City vs West Bromich Albion
Chelsea vs Hudersfield

LONDON: The 5th round FA Cup draw was made today. There besides Manchester United vs Arsenal, the other matches are not worth a mention because the draw was most definitely rigged.

The draw sees Manchester United play their 10th straight Premier League opponent in a cup that supposedly features random village teams like Havant and Waterlooville. Despite claims of biased reporting, HBBN in fact did some research (unlike other online news portals) and found that the last time Manchester United played a lower league team was in January 2006. Our superior investigative work also uncovered the fact that Manchester United have played lower league opposition only 7 times in the last TEN seasons, out of which only 2 were at home.

At the same time, Chelsea played 7 HOME games against lower league opposition in the last 3 seasons, while Liverpool were given byes in all their FA Cup matches this season, but still managed to draw against the Townsfolk of Luton and conceeded two goals against a bunch of taxi drivers. HBBN highly anticipates the game against Barney and Friends FC.

HBBN has nothing else to report except complain about the unFAir Cup and wishes all your teams the worst of luck in the coming games.

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