February 17, 2008

In Rafa's Excuses We Trust

Here is the latest quote from Liverpoo's favourite Rafa Benitez;

"I do not think the pressure on me is any different. When you lose there is always pressure. Frankly I am stunned and bitterly frustrated. The team are very upset. But we made so many chances and their keeper was the man of the match. I lost count of the times the ball was kicked off their line. We were ahead at the break and should have got a killer second goal. It is difficult to explain how we do not score from so many opportunities. You cannot blame any one player, but now we have to look to the next game against Inter. We cannot change anything now about Barnsley, we have to concentrate on putting things right in the next match. You cannot allow yourself to become down, we have to concentrate and pull together as a team."

Let me summarize that shitty quote for you. Basically he says the same thing after each match he loses:

"These Liverpoo fans still love me. I can do no wrong. I don't care about the stupid Premier League and stupid FA Cup. I am only interested in the Champions League. As long as we finish 4th in the league, I consider it a job well done."

Yup, is very easy to predict what Rafa will say the next time he loses... LOL.

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