January 07, 2008

'Miserly' Liverpool Redeem Themselves by Inviting Luton to Anfield

LUTON: Stung by accusations that they were 'stingy' and 'miserly' for refusing to donate two weeks of Stevie G's pocket money from their share of the FA Cup money to Luton Town, Liverpool decided to redeem themselves by inviting the poor club back to Anfield to earn some more money.

As a result, Liverpool played like shit on purpose during the match so that Luton could get a draw, and even when Crouch decided to be more selfish and grab a goal for himself, Riise stuck to the plan and gave Luton an own goal three minutes later.

Rumours that Liverpool were planning to leave Dickless "Headless Chicken" Kuyt and Grampa "Slowpoke" Hyypia behind at Luton so that the cash-strapped club could sell them for any price they wanted were unfounded at press time.

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