January 13, 2008

shot of the week

Juliano Belleti's goal against Totty Hotshit is definitely the shot of the week.

Photo stolen from BBC Sport

The photo makes it look as if a Hotshit defender was thrown back from the sheer force of the shot. Ledley King looks like he shat his pants too.

In other news, the gooners and scousers failed to deliver on what some of their fans reckoned to be "guaranteed wins". Mwahahahahahah. Padan muka.

Just before the late kick-off match, the English FA announced a temporary rule change: since Newcastle are so hopeless this season and since they don't even have a manager right now, NUFC will start all matches with a headstart of 7 goals. To give them chance. Until they find themselves a new manager.

Under the temporary rule change, it looks like ManYoo actually lost their match 7-6. Tsk tsk tsk. Kesiaaaaaaannn dia...

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