January 31, 2008

Cibai X Infinity

Macauhai. Bloody idiots. Lucky I didn't stay up to watch the game.
Our season really unravelled when Agger got injured. If Rafa gets the sack, his biggest failure in my opinion was not getting another centerback besides Hyypia to cover for Agger and Carragher.
Add that to the insistence on playing Kewell and Kuyt all the time, and having no one else except bloody Crouch for cover.
I'm gonna start watching tennis instead.


A little update:

Who wants to wager that Rafa will be sacked if Liverpool fail to whack Sunderland at Anfield tonight? I'm counting on Sunderland repeating their 0-0 a few years back - Jurgen Macho scored fantasy points for a clean sheet and 20 saves back then. LOL


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