December 09, 2007


Who would have thought, eh? This was a bloody awesome week for football with a few good twists and turns along the way...

Surprising events over the weekend:

1) Derby score an away goal

Consider the fact that they have not scored an away goal in the League since 2002, and Manyoo have only conceeded one goal at Old Trafford all season, letting Derby score a goal should count as a failure for the Manyoo defence who have been the best in the league thus far.

2) Arsenal lose!

Actually, the surprising fact wasn't that the Arsenal wheels have come off (where's pretty boy Fab, eh?). The awesome thing is that they lost to Middlesbrough who was inspired by an Arsenal reject, Jeremy Ali-a-a-air. Better still was that all the talk of them being the new 'Invincibles' after just 20 odd games unbeaten was shoved in their faces by a team that hadn't won in 13 games.

3) Shevchenko has a good game

I like saving the best for last. This ranks as the mother of all surprises! Sheva actually remembered how to play football again. But don't worry, you won't need to be surprised for long because he is bound to be crap again next week.

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