December 27, 2007

bloody cipet

I leave KL for a few days, and what do I come back to?

CHE 4 - 4 AST

Bloody hell. Draw?! At Stamford Bridge?! And we let in FOUR goals?!?! And got TWO players sent off?! Apa ini?!?!

Mana ada handball?!?!

Cilaka. How come Aston Villa so good one?! How can a team that used to score own goals from nothing hold us to a draw?!

To make matters worse, today's news bulletin from The Guardian doesn't sound so good:

Holding midfielder Claude Makelele is also out of action for a "few weeks", the club said, after having an ear operation. Second choice goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini is another player on the treatment table.

"It is not easy times but since the first day I was here it has not been easy with all the injured players," Grant said.

Aiiyyyooooohhhhh... ear surgery?! Of all the things I tell you. Ms Karma must have a real hard-on for Chelsea right now. Cipet.

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